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Planning Period Cover - Breakfast - Lunch Time Sheet 5th Month 2015-16


Helpful Tips:


  1. Noon Supervision increased from $3.25 to $3.75; Breakfast from $2.25 to $2.75.
  2. Make sure to select the yes-no dropdown choice for covering, breakfast, and lunch for each day.  A non- choice is the same as a No.
  3. Some "teacher cover reasons" are reimbursable, such as covering for a teacher.  Some choices are not reimbursable, such as team planning meetings, or other reasons considered part of the planning process.
  4. If Principals have difficulty getting enough teachers to cover, a teacher may cover two or three classes combined, where legal (observe class size limits).  If the rate for covering is $20, then the rate for a 2nd and 3rd class is $10 and $10.  If the rate for covering is $10, then the rate for a 2nd and 3rd class is $5 and $5.  Your principal will provide additional information in the coming days.
  5. Make sure you select the dropdown that shows 100% for covering a full-length class.  If you cover the class for only 1/2 the period, select 50%, for example.
  6. Let your principal know if you find "bugs" in the form.  Mr. Tanner will make sure errors get fixed right away.
  7. If you do not find your name in the dropdown list, use other and let your Principal know.




Click Here to Open the Monthly Timesheet for December 11 to January 19 2016

  • This new form is quick and easy.
  • The Personal and Sick Leave Form is automatically generated and is fully completed from the information supplied from the Time Sheet
  • You can complete the entire form online very quickly.
  • You MUST print the form.  Electronic submission is not available at this time.
  • You must use INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER.  Google Chrome and other browsers may not display the content properly.


Banked Time Report Online 5th Month 2015-16

TIPS for using this form:

  1. This form is for Principals to complete, print, and provide the Superintendent with a hard copy.
  2. Always use INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER to assure all items display correctly.
  3. Use the PRINT button at the bottom left of the form to print this report.
  4. Use the dropdown menu to record any loss of instructional time on a given day.
  5. You will use the Total Banked Time on the report as a beginning balance for next month's report.